The most important questions about Heurio & Heuristic analysis.

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What is Heuristic analysis?

Heuristic analysis is a UX evaluation technique where UX experts examine the product interface and judge its compliance with predefined rules. Each evaluator works alone and goes over the interface multiple times.

How to create a new project?

Load the website you want to make a project of and switch Heurio extension on. You will be directed automatically to the “Create project” popup. If you want to create a second project on the same page, click on “Add new’.

How to select which heuristic system should you use?

While creating a new project, select the Heuristic system you’d like to choose from the dropdown. If you're not sure which one to use, just visit our Heuristic Handbook for detailed descriptions.

What are the pros and cons of Heuristic analysis?

The main pros of Heuristic analysis:

• Quick & cost-effective

• Quick & cost-effective

• Early feedback

• Identifies the root issues

• Flexible

Its cons:

• Hard to find expers

• Requires experience

• A summary is difficult to make

How to invite new experts in a project?

When you’re in a project, click the Share button on the bottom left corner. Then type in the expert’s email address and select if you want him/her to only view or edit the project.

How to filter which user's comments you want to see?

When you’re in a project, you’ll see all the expert’s profiles on the bottom left corner. At the start, each of them is selected and you’re viewing everyone’s comments. To filter, just select the expert whose comments you want to be shown.

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