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1. Getting started

Heuristic analysis is a UX evaluation technique where UX experts examine the product interface and judge its compliance with predefined rules. Each evaluator works alone and goes over the interface multiple times.

The main pros

 - Quick & cost-effective

 - Early feedback

 - Identifies the root issues

 - Flexible

While creating a new project, select the Heuristic system you’d like to choose from the dropdown. If you're not sure which one to use, just visit our Critera systems page for detailed descriptions or continue without a criteria system if you want.

Load the website you want to make a project of and switch Heurio extension on. If there's no project yet on the website than Heurio automatically creates one for you. If you want to create multiple projects on the same page, click on “Create new’.

If the project has no comments yet, then yes. If there are comments already left, then you have to delete all of them to be able to change the criteria system.

After enabling Heurio from the extension bar of your browser, simply switch to Comment View (Alt + V) with the view toggle in the bottom-center of your screen.

Yes. Just check the box in the top-right corner of a comment popup. To show resolved comments, select the "Resolved" tab in the comment sidebar.

Yes. Just click the lock icon next to the criteria you want to set as a default in the Criteria sidebar (Alt + B). You can, of course, change it anytime.

No. Heurio keeps the numbering of the comments so you can refer to specific issues even if someone in the project deletes comments.

When you’re in a project, click the Share button on the bottom left corner. Then type in the expert’s email address and select if you want him/her to only view or edit the project. You can also invite project members from your project dashboard anytime after logging in to app.heur.io.

Owners and Editors have edit access to the projects and they can place unlimited number of comments, invite new members or delete projects.

Viewers have view-only access to the projects. They can read through all the comments but they cannot place one, or manage projects.

When you’re in a project, you’ll see all the expert’s profiles on the bottom left corner. At the start, each of them is selected and you’re viewing everyone’s comments. To filter, just select the expert whose comments you want to be shown. It also works like that in the webapp.

Yes. Just simply copy the Project ID from the Share popup and send it to anyone to grant temporary access to your project.

No. In Browser View you can navigate to any subpage and Heurio will be still active until it's turned off.

Yes. After your free Premium trial period, we'll provide a Free plan as well.

If you created the project then it will be deleted to all the members. If you're an Editor but not the Owner of the project, then it will be deleted only from your projects.

When you archive a project it will still be active and all of its members will have access to it. We suggest archiving a project when you finished working on it but other members still placing comments or if your client still uses it. Archiving helps to keep My Projects section clean and tidy.

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